LL to AR
Up LL to Plumley's Plumley's to OPB OPB to DH DH to AR

Long Lake to Averyville Road

This trip was the conclusion of our hiking the entire Northville-Lake Placid Trail, founded and maintained by the Adirondack Mountain Club.    We started with a two-car drive from Syracuse to the Adirondak Loj on Heart Lake near Lake Placid, where we spent the evening of July 7.

The next morning, after breakfast at the Loj, we dropped my car off at the Averyville Road trailhead and drove Bob's truck to the Long Lake trailhead.  Then hiked from there to the lean-to at Plumley's Landing.  (Long Lake to Plumley's Landing)

On Friday, we hiked from Plumley's Landing through Shattuck Clearing and spent the evening on the Cold River at the Ouluska Pass Brook lean-to.  (Plumley's to Ouluska Pass Brook)

On Saturday we hiked from Ouluska Pass Brook to Duck Hole, planning to go on to the lean-to at Moose Pond.  Instead, we took a side tour toward Bradley Pond, and returned to Duck Hole for the evening.  (Ouluska Pass Brook to Duck Hole)

Sunday, we hiked 12.2 miles from Duck Hole to the Averyville Road trailhead, then drove back to Long Lake for Bob's truck, and then back to Syracuse.  We have now completed the Northville-Lake Placid Trail and have submitted our application for the patch.

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