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The mist rising off the lowland near the trail early on the way in.  It was a humid start to a humid day.

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Crossing South Inlet Creek on a plank bridge, taken at waypoint 001 on the accompanying map page.

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At the outlet of Little Simon Pond, where a beaver dam holds the water back.

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This is looking towards North, with the rising sun on the right.

IMAGE008.JPG (246785 bytes)  September 8 and the leaves are turning colors already.

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At the junction with the East Pond and Blackfoot Pond side trail, with East Pond in the background left of the signpost.  This is at waypoint 002 on the accompanying map page.

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At waypoint 003 the trail approaches the southern shore of East Pond, pictured above.

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Either vandals or a deadfall smashed these signs into smithereens.  This is at waypoint 4, where there is a junction with a side trail to the north that leads to Lost Creek.

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This is the broad South Inlet of Big Otter Lake where the trail arrives at it from the east.  On the left, looking downstream (North) and on the right looking upstream to see that there is a bridge.

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Interesting signs posted at the 69-71 junction.

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Here is the junction with the Pine Lake Trail.  

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The bridge was closed, but somehow I got across.  This is Big otter Lake, looking a little north of east.

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Signs posted in the parking area.  I didn't see a road or driveway leading into this area that my car would make.

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A wet area on the hike out.

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