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August 3 I hiked the remainder of Map 1, about 9+ miles each way.  I hiked from the Access 8 point to the Stoney Brook Lean-to, where I turned around last time.  I got to the trailhead, just off I-86 exit 19 (Old route 17, the Southern Tier Expressway) about 10:00.  In my trail log I recorded the Garmin altimeter reading 1345', the ambient pressure 28.73, and normalized barometer 30.17", while the Suunto altimeter reading was set to 1340' with a barometer reading of 29.25".  I still don't understand the difference in these readings.  It was sunny, partly cloudy and warm.  I left the van at 10:12.

In the field crossed before entering the woods for good, I flushed out a big hen turkey.  As soon as I got into the woods, a very large deer.  Then I started up.  The two climbs in the first 2 miles was a killer.  Partway up the mountain, and halfway through a patch of stinging nettles, I changed my shorts for a pair of long pants.  Then my legs stopped burning and I went on.  I stopped at the Beck Hollow lean-to for a little snack.  There is a log there, with a photo history of the construction of the lean-to, and lots of log entries.  Pretty good effort by the lean-to adopters.

Then I went on, hiking pretty much level across the ridge between two valleys.  Just south of the Access 5 point, I decided I would have time to get to Stoney Brook Lean-To and hike back to the van.  I decided to cache my backpack, except for the water filter.  I could fill my bottles at the lean-to - having been there before I knew there was a spring behind the lean-to.  I got there about 3, pumped the water, and headed back about 3:20.  I figured I could get back to the van about 7, which I did.

Here is a map of what I've hiked so far:

FLM1-2.jpg (664672 bytes)

And here is a map of the section I hiked this time.

FLM1-3.jpg (600876 bytes)

Minimum elevation 1355', maximum 2289'.  Here is the track profile in elevation:

And here are some photos I took along the way:

At the trailhead:

IMAGE001.JPG (261566 bytes)  IMAGE002.JPG (251104 bytes)

At the Beck Hollow Lean-To, on the way in:

IMAGE003.JPG (247715 bytes)  IMAGE004.JPG (247327 bytes)

No I didn't have an accident, just sweating hard from the climb in...

IMAGE005.JPG (250665 bytes)  IMAGE006.JPG (252843 bytes)

An old lean-to at the conservation loop intersection

IMAGE007.JPG (254142 bytes)  IMAGE008.JPG (252031 bytes)

IMAGE009.JPG (262943 bytes)  IMAGE010.JPG (253808 bytes)

At the Stoney Brook Lean-to - see how porcupines have eaten the coating off the logs, and eaten a hole in the back.  Lean-to full of droppings also.

IMAGE011.JPG (258505 bytes)


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