Comrades 2002
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Comrades 2002 Up Run was very successful for me.  I ran 9:59:05 officially, a PR by 1 hour, 1 minute and 28 seconds over my previous Up Run time.  I've tried to document the trip and race here, and below my training and other preparations.

Getting to the race

The race itself

After the race

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This part was written before the race

This year will be an up run on June 17, 2002.  The race is moved to Monday to avoid the 16th falling on a Sunday.  This year I don't have an extra 33 seconds and must finish in 11:00 or less.  I qualified in 3:50, so I'll be in the last bin to start.  The race course was measured in May at 86.55 kilometers, or 53.8 miles.  This is about 0.5 miles shorter than 2000's course.

How I prepared for the race.

Here's an interesting set of facts and figures on the race, which I copied from the Comrades official web site.

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