Lake Placid Half Marathon

Saturday September 14 we drove to Lake Placid and I ran in the Lake Placid Half Marathon.  I ran 1:49:21, a little better than last week at Maple leaf.  The course didn't have the huge hill the Maple Leaf now has, and I didn't overdo it quite as much in the preceding days.

We left a little after 4 and got there about 8:30, with a 10:30 start.  The course started and ended inn the North Elba Show Grounds, on the track used for the ceremonies at the 1980 Olympics.  The Olympic Torch stand was there, complete with propane tank (but not lit).  We used the track to warm up a little and I calibrated my SDM.  Then I stretched and it was time to line up.

A lap around the track, then out and across the street and a climb up to the base of the ski jump tower, and loop back to route 73.  Then a loop around a neighborhood, and then back past the show grounds at about 3 miles and out to turn left and follow the Ausable River.  There was a woman riding a dressage horse in a big field with several dogs trailing along when I went out.  She was still riding when I came back on the return.  There were also a few guys fly fishing in the river.  The course rolls out along the river, turns around about the 9-10 mile mark, and then back to the finish, where you run another lap.

I ran my plan to 8 miles, then kept going.  I think I let up a little in the 11th mile, but kept trying hard back to the finish.  I guess I accomplished what I wanted, at least I know where I am.  Next weekend a short race, the Falling Leaves 14K in Utica, and a shorter drive.

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