2001 Hikes
Up 1027 Spruce Lake Thendara Loop 1012 0927 Duck Hole 0908 Thendara 0803 Thendara 0823 French Louie 0720 Durant 0707 Duck Hole

Weekend of July 7 I went in to Duck Hole for a night.

Weekend of July 20 Bob and I went to the Durant Lake area.

August 3 I went on my first hike from the Thendara trailhead.

August 23 Bob and I hit the French Louie Trail.

September 8 I went back to the Thendara loop again.

September 27 Bob and I returned to Duck Hole.

October 12 I hiked the Thendara loop.

October 27 I hiked into Spruce Lake from the Piseco trailhead.

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