0810 French Louie
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Saturday August 10 Bob and I headed for the French Louie trail again, but this time we started from the northeast, driving to a parking lot on Otter Brook Road south of Limekiln Lake.  We had perfect weather, sunny, no rain, very little humidity until the last day.  We stopped for breakfast at the Farm restaurant in Thendara on the way up, and the obligatory gorging at Mickie D's in Old Forge on the way home.

Saturday August 10 we drove in and hiked to a tent site on West Lake.

Sunday August 11 it was on to the lean-to on Sampson Lake.

Monday August 12 we didn't go to work, we went to Cedar Lakes.

Tuesday August 13 was our longest hike back to the trailhead and then a drive home.

Here's an overview:

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